May 19, 2010 by thedude
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Donny lured me over to his apartment yesterday to have a taste of some highly sought after and fabled beer from the Boston Brewing Company that one of his friends brought him. It wasn’t cold and ready yet, so I’ll have to leave that for another review. Rather than wait a perfectly good Beersurfing meeting, we raided the nearby T’s Liquor Store to hold us over. Low and behold, we came across a few cans of Gubna from the Oskar Blues Brewery in Colorado.

Oskar Blues Gubna

Oskar Blues Gubna

This is the first imperial IPA that I’ve ever had out of a can, and you can definitely tell its been sitting in a can. In addition to the sticky hops flavor, it has a tin and rubbing alcohol taste to it that was quite unpleasant, at least initially. When warm, you’re left with the unmistakable taste of cannabis resin – unfortunately, once I identified¬† that taste, Donny and I were able to taste nothing else! The Gubna has typical imperial IPA coloring – it’s a golden orange and clear as water, with absolutely no head. It has several interesting aromas floating out of it – I distinctly smelled papaya and mango along with antiseptic and oxidized metal. The latter two really dulled the hoppy aroma that I love about imperial IPA’s, but you can’t win them all, I suppose. The texture is pretty typical of an imperial IPA – thick, sticky like sap, and smooth like butter. It’s very pleasant on the palette of a dedicated hophead.

This is a really great imperial IPA. It has a perfect blend of sugary tastes and hoppy aroma that each remind me of why I love imperial IPA’s. However, to really enjoy it, the Gubna needs to be colder than a witch’s tit – many of the flavors that make it enjoyable are only noticeable at cooler temperatures, and the burnt resin taste becomes much more apparent as it gets warmer.¬† The Gubna contains 10% alcohol by volume, and was sold for about $4 a can at T’s in Tempe.

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