Friday Night Hype – Pauwel Kwak

May 15, 2010 by donny
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I may be a day late and a buck short, but do I have a great beer for you today! Sorry for the delay in posts – I have been driving around the Tempe/Phoenix area to find a bottle of Lost Abbey’s Angel Share that isn’t a week old, because several of you informed us that this bottle, like most brandy/beer liquors, tastes much better if you let the bottle sit for about a year. I spent my time trying to find more and came up with nothing. However, my adventures did bring me to my local Whole Foods. The masses of hippies and people who don’t shower here just weird me out, but their one saving grace that I can’t take away from them is their amazing and diverse beer selection. After having the beer-and-cheese guy scrounge around in the back to no avail, I asked him what he would recommend. He hit it out the park!  For today’s review, I give you the Pauwel Kwak (or just “The Kwak”), from the Brouwerij Bosteels in Belgium..

To truly understand why this beer is so awesome, you must understand my mood – I have been drinking beers for the past two months to find one with an excellent fruity flavor, and honestly, I was drinking garbage 60% of the time. I have now found that beer. The Kwak has a slight fruity smell to it, like hops and mangos. There is some other spice that I can’t identify, but it definitely adds a nice finish to the aroma.  It is a deep amber color, slightly clouded like a hefeweizen with an amazing amount of head. This beer was made for me! The Kwak has a creamy flavor – bananas with a hint of mango – also like a hef with a more flavor to it. I think the spice is coriander, or possibly cloves, but I’m fine with leaving it mysterious. This beer rocks – it has amazing depth and a great flavor palette. It definitely tastes better when it has some head on it. Bosteels recommends that this beer be poured into a specific glass before drinking. I haven’t seen anything quite like it, but call me impressed:

Any beer that requires a wooden stand to keep it sturdy is a winner in my book. Find the glass and drink the beer – it is a treat you won’t forget. The Pauwel Kwak might have just found a spot in my regular rotation of drinking, which does not happen often for a beer reviewer that prides himself on drinking new things. I have another bottle of beer from Whole Foods that has me curious, but until my next review, I’m going to continue enjoying my Saturday before I tell you about it.


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