Friday Night Hype – The Angel’s Share

May 2, 2010 by donny
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So last week I tried an interesting beer, something I had never had before – Lost Abbey’s “The Angel’s Share”. Now this beer claims to be a beer inspired for sinners, so of course I just had to try it. I bought the 14 dollar bottle of alcohol and merrily walked out to my car to go home and enjoy the decadence of this beer from my wonderful couch. I do my normal Beersurfing routine where I pour myself a glass, smell it, take pictures, and thoroughly tease myself for the great moment of the first taste. By now you must be wondering why there are no pictures here and why I am not describing to you how The Angel’s Share tasted – that is because I don’t want you to drink it. Or even try it. I don’t want you to think at any point in time that this beer is worth trying – at 14 dollars a bottle I expected something fantastic, something life changing. It didn’t happen, so I urge you not to buy this ever. Ever. Ever! Save your money and buy some other coffee/fruit stout found at just about anywhere that doesn’t rape the taste and flavor for something else. My personal recommendation this week would be the Coconut Joe from Papago Brewery – it does with this tries to do and doesn’t completely fail at it.

For those of you who still want to know what the Angel’s Share tasted like, I will give you the review. When I poured it, it smelled fantastic, like fruitcake, with hints of alcohol, butter, nuts,┬ácinnamon, and caramel. This smelled like pure bliss, so I took said beer and brought it to my lips for the first great taste…. and sadly, it tasted like cough syrup mixed with Wellshire original┬áhard candies and just takes the worst aspects of both. It has the super sweetness of caramel with the astringent aftertaste of cough syrup. I tried to power my way through this glass on my own, and then tried to pawn it off on any person in the room willing to give it a go. After one sip, everyone who sampled it said they’d rather have Bud Light, then proved it by having one. So let my experience serve as an example to others – spend your $14 on something else.

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