Friday Night Hype.

April 16, 2010 by donny
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So here I am fellow surfers, about to embark on a great journey… one that is dearest to my heart, or in my case wallet, I am here to tell you whether or not the beer is worth the buy and if it isn’t which beer is worth the buy. But you ask why do I take on this long process of trying great beers and unknown beers to help you the reader decide which is better and save you tons of bucks? Because my mom always taught me to have an excuse for being drunk at 3 in the afternoon. Now less with babble and introductions and on to the action… so who do we have on the chopping block today.

Squatters Hop Rising.


Supposedly the best beer that Squatters offers, hailed as their flagship, nothing compares to it and after having it you will swear everything else they make is crap.

So I guess this is time for the brass tax of it all, what I thought. So I poured this baby and let me tell you it looked great, less than a fingers worth of head and as I poured I could smell something citrus coming off. When I looked at this bad boy I was impressed, a nice deep orange amber hinting at a nice body waiting inside the cup. I brought the cup up and inhaled, citrus, most definitely citrus, something floral like orange blossoms, but with hops! I am impressed my mouth is watering. Now for the first taste….. hops, citrus, something kind of nutty or toasted, and a piny finish. I am impressed as I sit here and marvel at the beer, I notice something else, I feel like my mouth is parched. So I take another drink and I am amazed at how much body this has. The depth of this beer amazes me, there are levels of hoppy goodness. Now I am not saying that this is a full bodied beer, by no means but it has something more than a medium bodied lady, a nice kick and finish. Downside, it leaves your mouth coated dried, like I want to drink water but why when there is more beer! I sit and revel in this beers hoppy goodness. Definitely lives up to the hype of being Squatters best beer. When you get the chance try this gem, but be sure to have a glass of water (sacralege) or your next beer on the table before you finish.


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