Sam Adams Noble Pils

March 31, 2010 by thedude
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Noble Pils

Noble Pils

Tonight’s blog entry brings you the Noble Pils from Sam Adams, the first hoppy beer from the Boston Brewing company that I’ve come across in my near-year of blogging about beer.

The first nose of this beer is minty with a slight hint of hops, and the overall aroma gets diluted once it actually makes it into your glass. It pours out as a very clear and pale yellow fluid with practically no head on it. The aroma is practically non-existent, though the barely-present hop profile is slightly sweet. It’s a flavorful beer, but certainly not what I was expecting – aside from the minty intonations, there’s not much else to it. It’s not nearly hoppy enough, and overall it is a very bland beer. I would even go so far to say that, like most of the Sam Adam’s beers, it is watered down and overall, underwhelming.

For a beer that attempts to highlight its hoppy ancestry, this isn’t even close to an IPA, and it really just tastes like the Boston Lager with some hops sprinkled in it. This hoppy brew from the behemoth of Boston was frankly underwhelming certainly did not live up to the hype. It is certainly not one of Sammy’s best. I came across a couple bottles of this at various parties, but from what I understand it is bundled as part of the 12-bottle Brewmaster’s Collection, which I found at my local grocery store for $13.

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